Readings and Moving and Mexican Food

I’m home from a very pleasant night out at Avid Reader Bookshop in West End, which was followed by an equally pleasant dinner with some friends at a Mexican place nearby. Somewhere between all that I did a short reading from Horn, listened to readings from Angela Slatter and Rob Cook (who I hadn’t met before, but was a very nice bloke), and listened to a reading/Q&A with Margo Lanagan (which, really, was the entire point of the evening).

It’s an evening made doubly-cool by the fact that I didn’t move boxes of books over to the new place, which is something we’ve been doing an awful lot of this week. It’s one of those inevitable facts of moving – I have a lot of books, the flatmate has a lot of books, and it generally makes much easier if you don’t try and move them all at once.

Fortunately I’m almost done with books. Tomorrow, I figure, will be the last of them. On Saturday we rent a truck and move bookcases, and desks, and other things. Sometime next week we’ll get the internet installed and start living like normal people once more.

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