Released: The Flotsam Omnibus


Currently available from: Apocalypse Ink Productions | Amazon | DriveThruFiction
Note: The hardback signed limited edition of this book is only available on the AIP website.


Four years ago, I wrote a web-serial for a small magazine. Two years ago, I started working on that story in novella form, rebuilding it brick by brick, dragging in all the lessons I learned from writing the serial. Today, I hit the end of the journey: The Flotsam Omnibus officially exists as a thing, compiling all three novellas in the series plus another two stories set in the same universe.

There are demons, there are hit men, and there are things from behind space and time.

And, because I could not help myself, there’s a spot of pro-wrestling in one of the stories.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that there’s a limited edition hard-cover of this thing (only available directly from the publisher) in addition to the usual trade paperback and ebook versions. I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that I wrote a trilogy, which wasn’t entirely intentional, but seems to have worked out okay.

I do not have to wrap my head around the awesomness of Mark Ferrari’s cover, because I have been using it as a home screen for the last six months and it just keeps being awesome.


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