Sean Williams at the AWM Writing Race

At work, we run this regular feature called the Wednesday Night Writing Race. The theory behind it is simple: every Wednesday, around 8:00 PM, we get a bunch of writers together on Facebook, fire the starter’s gun, and let them write like there’s no tomorrow for 60 minutes. Essentially, it’s like a mini write-club for people who don’t have the advantage of being friends with Angela Slatter. .

Occasionally, to spice things up (and, honestly, as a cool perk for the intern, who gets to program the guests), we bring in Guest Racers – writers who can show up and talk about writing and publishing in detail. This week, our current intern has scheduled Sean Williams as the guest, which is one of those rare occasions where we’ve got a guest that I’m well-and-truly psyched about.

If you’re interested in writing – and, odds are, you are if you’re heading here regularly – then this Wednesday Night from 7:45 PM is a great time to head along to the Writing Race and ask Sean some questions (if you sign up for the event, Facebook will handily convert things to your local time zone).

The writing races are always a great opportunity to pick the brain of a pro, and in terms of Aussie writers who sustained long-term careers, there are very few writers who can match Sean Williams. Basically, on the list of writers I wouldn’t mind being when I grow up, Sean is pretty high on the list. The man is enormously prolific – he’s published 40 novels across three genres – and has been one of the nicest and most generous writers I’ve encountered in my career. I recommend going forth this Wednesday and finding out for yourself.

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