Seven Thoughts for a Tuesday

1) On the grand list of bad narrative decisions that cause me to dislike things I should have loved the decision to have the first half of Veronica Mars, Season 3, to use extreme feminists as one of the key antagonists is right at the top. The first time I watched the series it was a moment of pure WTF and it seriously hasn’t made any more sense on subsequent viewings.

2) Someone has created inhalable coffee as a consumer product. The jet packs and self-driving cars are surely on their way.

3) Part of my beef with the decision mentioned in number one? The writers of Veronica Mars have a seemingly magical ability to create empathy with the antagonists. *Every single arsehole* in the show – from the self-involved Sheriff Lamb to killer Aaron Eckles to frat-boy Dick Casablancas – has a redeeming moment or two in amidst their grating evil. There was depth to them. The “evil feminist” antagonists aren’t ever given this – even when there’s a reason behind there actions, they’re always contrasted against the protagonists actions and they’re left feeling vaguely weak and unsympathetic due to the fact that they’re primary role is to be not-Veronicas rather than developed characters in their own right. In the narrative morality of the show, they are always “wrong”.

4) And really, in reference to the above, fuck that shit for a bad joke.

5) I finish the first round of antibiotics and painkillers today, which means I’ll be heading back to the dentist tomorrow. I’ll either be getting the second stage of my root canal done, or they’ll decide the infection hasn’t been adequately fought off and remove my tooth. With luck, neither of these options will involve going back to my doctor for another round of medication. I like this staying awake thing. It lets me get work done and leads to far fewer panicked phone calls from my parents demanding to know what’s going on.

6) Also, when you nap for five hours at a time, the difference between napping and sleepingis effectively nil. It also results in a vaguely zombified appearance.

7) The spokesbear demands I get work done today. I will obey the spokesbear.

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