Short Post, Busy Day

One of the fun things about owning a website is the ability to peer behind the scenes and see what people are typing into Google before they find you. Most of the time it’s utterly expected – various combinations of “Peter” and “Ball” and occasionally “Horn” feature prominently – and sometimes it’s stuff that makes slightly less sense, and sometimes it’s phrases that make you wonder exactly what there is on your blog that’s connected to it.

I’m not sure, for example, why Google has suddenly taken to linking my blog to searches on Grey’s Anatomy, and I can’t imagine the people who follow the links are going to be anything other than disappointed.


Off to take my first tutorial at UQ this afternoon, which is a little nerve-wracking in the way that going to do something you haven’t done in a very long time can be when someone is paying you good money to do it well. Common sense says that the students are unlikely to throw things, but one frets about it anyway.

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