Slow Progress

Started with a new antidepressant over the weekend, on account of the original meds giving me uncontrolled teeth chattering for about five days straight as one of its side effects. This is irritating, because I’d more-or-less got to the point where the original meds weren’t making me restless and unable to focus, and now…well. Starting over. A new round of antidepressants means a new round of side-effects, which seems to include insomnia, a tendency towards listlessness, and some truly horrific dry-mouth.

All of which is still better than having your jaw vibrate at high speed for 120 hours straight. And, presumably, better than whatever horror-show was going on in my head two weeks ago.

It’s Monday. I want to be writing things. Doing so is frustratingly slow at the moment, full of moments where I have to step away from the computer. I have tried going with the notebooks, which usually helps in these situations, but even then my concentration tends to drift after filling a single page. My daily goals are ludicrously unambitious, and still difficult to achieve.

But it is not doing nothing. And that is probably a good sign.

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