Some Days, You’ve Just Got Nothing But The Books You Recommend

I wish I knew what to post about today. I would claim that my brain feels spectacularly empty, but that would be a lie. My brain is brimming with things I could write about, I just lack the confidence of articulating them well within the space I’ve got allotted before I head off to the final day of the Contact.

I keep thinking of answers I should have given in panels, or things I could have explained better, but sitting down to write those out would mean giving context.

I keep thinking about interesting questions and conversations I’ve had, but still haven’t had a lot of time to process.

I keep thinking about the peeps I’ve run into, and the new folks I’ve met over the last three days. New authors, established authors, eager readers and fans. The folks I wish I could have talked too longer.

None of that’s going to happen. My train arrives in ten minutes and the con awaits, and there will be time enough to think when it’s done.

Instead, let me distil this post down to the most important thing I have talked about all conference. In fact, the conversation I’ve had over and over, with all manner of people:

I really, really strongly recommend reading Anne Gracie’s romance novels. Start with Bride By Mistake and work your way through.

The really are that incredible.

  2 comments for “Some Days, You’ve Just Got Nothing But The Books You Recommend

  1. 21/04/2016 at 9:02 AM

    Ooo. Adding to my wish list. A quick question, though: why Bride By Mistake? It seems to be the middle of a series.

    I had a lovely time meeting you at Contact.

    • 21/04/2016 at 9:54 AM

      Great to meet you too. Every book in Gracie’s series stands alone really well, and Bride By Mistake is just phenomenal. I first heard about it at an RWA conference where Sarah Wendell’s keynote was basically “Dear Australia, Thank You Anne Gracie and Bride By Mistake.”

      I take that kind of recommendation seriously, and lo, when I did finally track it down, it was incredible.

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