Still in Sleep Zombie Mode

Say Zucchini, and Mean It went out to Daily SF subscribers yesterday, which generally means it’ll be up on their website for the rest of the world to see some time tomorrow. There’s some comments over on wall of the Daily SF fanpage in facebookland, which seem to indicate people have enjoyed the story.

Some people seem to enjoy the title too, which makes me glad since I once contemplated changing the title, and I can now be somewhat pleased with myself that I did not succumb to the temptation.


Day two of the random insomnia, which Wikipedia tells me is actually Transient Insomnia, which is the kind of thing that amuses me in my current state of sleep deprivation. It makes me think that soon my insomnia will wander off and become someone else’s insomnia, which isn’t really pleasant for them, but at least we’re sharing and neither of us has to put up with it full-time.

Last night’s sleeplessness was accompanied by an upset stomach, which suggests I’m either getting sick or starting to stress about something that my conscious mind hasn’t yet caught onto. Past experience says that the latter is probably more likely.

Tonight is the fortnightly D&D night, if I haven’t lost track of the weeks, which means I shall indulge in stress release by smiting strange and eldritch evils in the name of Denithae, goddess of apples and fields and having a damn good harvest when spring is done.


Facebook keeps suggesting that I click on ads about Mutant Gum. Honestly, I don’t think anyone has really thought that one through. I keep wondering if it’s gum that’s mutated, gum that induces mutation, or simply gum for those who have mutated.

Either way, I’m not buying, but it makes a nice change of pace from facebook trying to sell me dating services and advice on how to sculpt my body into some unfeasible Herculean physique. Not that I have anything against Herculean physiques, mind, but I rather suspect the advice will involve long stretches of exercise and weight training at some point, and I suspect I could go organize such things without facebooks help if I really desired.



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