Still Sick

So it turns out I’m in the throes of a throat infection. The good news is that it’s unlikely to get worse – I had my tonsils out when I was way younger, and the doctor seemed to think this was a remarkable stroke of good fortune rather than, you know, one of those things that just happens somewhere along the way when you grow up. The bad news is that it’s viral in nature, so all I can really do is suck it up, sleep, and wait until my hacking cough goes away and I stop feeling like arse.

In theory that was meant to be yesterday. In practice, I was relatively glad today was my regularly scheduled day off work and I got to spend eighteen of the past twenty-four hours asleep.

And since I’ve now written far more about being sick than I originally intended, I distract you with some slight of hand and a youtube clip:

See you all Friday.

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