Sunday in Brisbane

My weekend, lo, it’s been a lazy one. Today I try and redeem that a little, through the virtue of writing lots of things prior to 7:00 PM, when I shall gather with The Flatmate and the Downstairs Neighbor and we shall watch John Carter (which, it must be said, I didn’t see at the cinemas purely because I always want to add “Of Mars” to the end of the title).

The Flatmate claims John Carter is a good, watchable movie. On one hand, he was entirely correct when he used that claim to lure me into watching Battleship last weekend, which is a perfectly watchable big dumb movie. On the other hand, he’s also the man who talked me into watching StarcrashZardoz, and Ice Planet, all of which are not perfectly watchable big, dumb movies. Either way, I’ll report back on the morrow.

Before that happens, though, I’ve got an article to write and some page-proofs to finish and at some point I’m going to write some new words on the novel and the short story I’m working on. Forward progress and all that. I’ve got some Rage Against the Machine playing (who knew they did a covers album?); I’ve got Shift Silas the Laptop set up and ready. I’ve got my coffee at my side.

Lets go.

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  1. Adam
    21/01/2013 at 7:29 PM

    "Starcrash, Zardoz, and Ice Planet"

    None of which I ever claimed were "good, watchable movies". In fact, I distinctly remember claiming the opposite.

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