Tell Me Why I Don’t Like Mondays

I worked on the first chapter of Frost this morning. Managed to drag 270 new words out of my brain over the course of two and a bit writing hours. Not the most auspicious start to my new writing routine, especially since it was followed with missing my train in to work.

This means I shall have to do some drafting work this evening, which is okay. That’s the whole point of front-loading my writing into a morning shift, rather than scrabbling for time in the evenings.

Also…new story. A new story that’s a sequel, and the middle of a trilogy. These things are always slow to start for me, ’cause you’ve got to strike the balance between something that works as an ongoing story and something that’ll engage a brand new reader.

Six weeks to go before the book is due. 29,730 words left to write.


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