The Day After the Unity Walk

A few weeks ago my sister signed up for the Unity Walk to raise money for Parkinson’s Queensland. Her initial goal, quite modestly, was raising $500 in sponsorship.

By last Sunday, when she started the walk, she’d raised $2185, most of that in the seven-day period between her first putting the link up on Facebook and now. According to the Unity Walk website, she was the second highest individual fund-raiser in the state.

I know a bunch of people donated after reading about the walk on this blog. Some did it openly, some anonymously, and everyone did so generously.

We wanted to say thank-you. You people, you all rock in the hardest and most rocking-est kind of way.



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  1. Sally
    31/08/2011 at 4:07 AM

    A huge thank you to all who donated. All possible expectations were exceeded and the genorisity and support shown was overwhelming. It was absolutely amazing to watch the tally rise – and rise – and rise. Thanks for digging deep and making the occasion such a memorable one.


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