The Day-to-Day Glamour of writing…

I’ve spent the last twenty-four hours in a line-edit quandary: should the word Frisbee be capitalised? Theoretically it probably should – Frisbee is a registered trademark of Wham-O toys – but I’m pretty sure that I’m not actually using Frisbee to refer to an actual Frisbee, instead using it as a common term for what should technically be called a flying disc (I didn’t even know it was a trademarked term prior to this, but there you go – apparently there’s even been a bit of a barney between Wham-O and other folks about this).

Since I really do need to be making a call on sending this back sometime soon, I’ve just spent the last hour capitalising and de-capitalising the F’s when they appear in the story. Consider this a desperate plea for help if you want to weigh in on either side of the argument.

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  1. 20/02/2009 at 7:07 AM

    Lower-case. I'd find it irritating, like I was being advertised to. They'll change it anyway if it's that important.

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