The Lefsetz Letter

…those who win will have two qualities.

One, they’ll be great.

Two, they’ll persevere.

Getting Lucky,

On the surface, the daily Lefsetz Letter that arrives in my inbox doesn’t have much to do with writing. Bob Lefsetz writes about music and the music industry, mailing out his thoughts every weekday, and the tagline, first in music analysis, really says it all.

And yet, on busy days at work, it remains one of the few things running through my various feeds that I’ll actually take a time-out to sit and read.

The Lefsetz Letter may be about music, but the music industry was one of the first to get utterly freakin’ pantsed by the internet. It spent years standing there, shorts around its ankles, wondering what the hell happened and why people with freakin’ computers came along and changed everything.

And this is what Lefsetz writes about, day after day. He’s a smart guy who looked at the industry that changed around him and started figuring out why things happened. More importantly, it started out old-school. Lefsetz been sending his letter out for 25 years. He kicked it off with actual paper.

Lefsetz isn’t afraid of adaptation and new media.

Truthfully, nine days out of ten, those daily letters have everything to do with being a writer in the early stages of the twenty-first century.

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