The Tangled Bank

A very cool open-call for a fiction anthology, put together by clarion-peep Chris Lynch:

This year marks 200 years since the birth of Charles Darwin, and 150 years since the publication of The Origin of Species. To mark the anniversaries, submissions are invited for The Tangled Bank, an e-anthology of speculative fiction, artwork, poetry, and comics exploring the legacy of Charles Darwin and the theory of evolution.

Illuminate — or obscure — the line between the real and the fantastic. The fiction may be of any speculative genre or cross-genre; demand to be included by the quality of your submission. Artwork and poetry need not be strictly speculative in nature, but must engage with Charles Darwin or evolution.

Submissions for The Tangled Bank open May 1st and close June 30th, 2009. The Tangled Bank will be published by Tangled Bank Press in late 2009, and an advance on royalties of 20 per cent will be paid to all contributors. For submission guidelines and more information, visit

Not a writer? Then allow me to distract you with the view of yesterday’s brewing storm from my study window, around sunset:

Storm, around sunset

You know, for a person that doesn’t really like photographs (whether I’m in them or not), I’m starting to dig having a digital camera handy.

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