Things I need to do in Adelaide

1) Eat a pie floater. Maybe two, if I survive the first one.
2) Eat a frog cake. Oddly, the pie floater does not fill me with fear, but this little sugared treat does. Insidious looking things, I tell’s ya. Insidious.
3) Launch Horn on Sunday (5pm)
4) Pick up a bunch of Horn pre-orders for family & friends who aren’t attending the con.
5) Remember the names for the beer sizes in SA (you have pints, right guys? right?). Find a pub that has Cooper’s Stout on tap.
6) Slap Jason with a big steel gauntlet of iron resolve until he starts working on his novel.
7) Take part in the Urban Fantasy, High Fantasy, and Magic Realism panel on Saturday morning.

If you’re trying to track me down at any point during the con, that’s your rough guide for finding me. All offers to help me go find pies and black beer will be gratefully accepted 🙂

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  1. Crisetta MacLeod
    04/06/2009 at 9:27 AM

    Yes, yes, will track you down on the panel. I just did a review of K.E.Mills Witches Incorporated, for aXp the online Aurealis newsletter, so if I can grab you for a short interview that will be two out of the three of you. Perhaps you will be able to show me how to use the recording thingy I have bought? I looove adelaide green frogs, they have shaving cream under their skins. Maybe we can find pies and frogs somewhere so I can get your live experience of them on tape?

    Remember, I'm a miserable little old lady with white hair, but I am quite nice really.

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