Things I Would Be Blogging About, Were I Blogging this December

Random Photograph with Mirror and Malfunctioning Camera1) The rejuvenating power of The Birthday Party’s Release the Bats when you’re tired, pissed off, and generally unwilling to engage with things.

2) How unfeasibly cool it is that Angela Slatter had her books mentioned on Ellen Datlow’s list of book recommendations for XMas.

3) The somewhat tricky process of making the first installment of Flotsam, my series due for the Edge of Propinquity next year, work the way I want it to work.

4) Getting the chance to interview Dan Abnett for a friend’s podcast, only to have the technology fail us at a crucial moment and steal away the audio.

5) Plans for the blog in the new year, many of which have already been discarded as unworkable because, yo, I am weary of plans. After being lured back to the working world by the promise of paying rent and eating meals that consist of more than potatoes and Soylent Green, I’m finding the ideas of plans kinda abhorrent at the moment. I feel the need for spontaneity somewhere in my life, so the blog may as well be it.

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  1. Friendless
    21/12/2010 at 7:22 AM

    I don't mind a bit of that sex horror sex vampire sex horror bat vampire cool machine!

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