Thirty-Eight Days

trelloI am incredibly behind on everything. There are too man old things left undone, and too many new things that I want to get started on, so my procrastination of choice becomes tearing down old things and trying to build new things from the rubble. I’m revisiting plans, rebuilding systems. I have spent far to much time familiarising myself with Trello boards and adding projects to them, finding gaps in my planning systems.

Trello is not my preferred solution for this, but I am out of places to hang whiteboards in my apartment.

All this is trying to solve a single problem: 2017 is unknown terrain for me right now. There are too many things that I might be doing, depending on what happens in the next 30 days, and the ideal preparation for the two most likely options is very, very different. Certainty doesn’t arrive until December 23rd. It’s proving to be a very long wait.

My notebook is full of entries that start: “When you’re blogging again, you should write about…”

And my brain is full of: “you have thirty-seven and a half days left until the end of the year – what the fuck are you going to finish in all of those?”

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