This is my Monday

I hate it when things creep up on me, but I like having a full to-do list that I can work through. On today’s list:

  • Get a big chunk of wordage done on the thesis draft – last week saw things start lagging behind again, and I really shouldn’t let that become a habit.
  • Clean the flat for tomorrow’s rental inspection
  • Go through the copyedit of my Interfictions 2 story and get that sent out.
  • Finish writing up a crit of Angela’s story.
  • Pick up a book they’re holding for me at Pulp Fiction (includes a bonus lunch with the Sleech)
  • Cook at home for the first time in, what, two and a half weeks?
  • Do a revision of a recently-rejected story that I think needs a little more polish before it goes out again.

In short, I’ll be keeping busy. I’ve moved the laptop into the lounge so I can set up a second work-area and flit between computers as I work – I’m not much for writerly superstitions and such, but I am noticing that the thesis is always a little easier to write while camping out with couch with the laptop. I suspect it’s because the living room has more space to spread books out and build a visual representation of my research…

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