This Post in Bullet Points

  • Off to the Gold Coast again today, in order to learn how to be a PhD student. One might think that after so many years I’d have worked out how by now, but one would be mistaken (said without snark – there’s been a gear-shift in the process recently, and I’m the kind of driver who grinds gears until someone points out the various ways that’s a bad idea).
  • Finally made it to the post-office during work hours yesterday, which meant I could pick up some of the packages of awesomeness waiting for me (a copy of Couch, courtesy of Ben Francisco, and copies of both Cory Doctrow’s Overclocked and a collection of Hugo award winners courtesy of Jason Fischer – thanks to both of you, for they were awesome things to discover).
  • Reason my thesis leaves me a funk #29: I haven’t actually finished and submitted a *new* story (as opposed to resubmitting something that’s already been out) since November of last year.
  • Fortunately I have a half-dozen stories that have gone through multiple drafts and critiques just waiting for me to have the time to work on them. I feel the need to do something about that, rather powerfully. This evening I will come up with a plan, pending possible distractions following the PhD workshops (to whit, I need to mark some assignments at some point).
  • If I promise wit and lucid commentary on the world tomorrow, would you think me a liar? Yes? Well, that’s very wise of you…

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