Three Random Things


I stayed up and watched all of Jessica Jones in one hit on Friday night.Turns out, and I’m still paying for that – no matter how many times all-nighters kick me in the arse, I just can’t wrap my head around the fact that they’re no longer an option.

Still, totally worth it. I regret nothing.

The Netflix/Marvel shows are…well, not really shows. They’re more like thirteen hour movies and this is far more prevalent with Jessica Jones than it was in Daredevil. The arc here is distinct and heavily focused – where Daredevil‘s arc genuflected in the direction of episodic television, taking its time building up to the revelation of a big-bad being behind everything, Jessica Jones goes straight for the throat. When it comes to bad guys, it’s all David Tennant, all the time, and the story is driven by Jessica’s reaction to his arrival.

Let me just say: the plotting in this is exquisite. Little, throw-away things prove to be the foundation upon which big things are built. No character is wasted.


HORNcover_600px-220x300News from Twelfth Planet Press – both Horn and Bleed are now for sale via the Amazon kindle store. Which is awesome, ’cause I’ve got a folder full of emails from people all, like, yo, why can’t I get this on kindle? and now the answer is yo, you can and they can be all yo, that’s awesome, while I ponder this sudden proliferation of the word yo in our dialect.


I’m not saying this movie seems like it would appeal to a number of people that I know, but lets break this down:

First: Gun-slingers.

Second: Zombies.

Third: Gunslingers +  Zombies + two young Queensland film-makers putting together their first feature film.

There is no world that exists where that combination doesn’t appeal to a huge swathe of my friends. It certainly appeals to me, and I’m quietly excited for the film’s release.

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