Thursday Linkfest

Another week where the list is far less complete than I’d like, but such is life these days…

  • Okay, did you know Angela Slatter has a blog now? No? Well, now you do. Do yourself a favour and go read it, for Angela is a phenomenal writer and a sayer of useful things – I recommend starting with her posts on dialogue or the Clarion South experience.
  • So Friday of last week I put forth some ideas about SF and Gender in response to debates that’ve raged across the Australian SF community of late. Most of the discussion seemed to occur over in the comments of my livejournal, but it also spawned a response from Ben Payne (which generates some interesting discussion on its own).
  • Scienceagogo on Biodeversity Regions as Hotspots for War (Courtesy of Chris Green)
  • Chris Green takes my standard screed on the awesomeness of being rejected and turns it into a yearly writing goal.
  • The Conjecture website has been updates after a long period of silence, suggesting that my time in Adelaide come June may consists of more than sitting around Jason’s house and figuring out how I’ll get myself a pie floater.
  • Nancy Cress on common writing mistakes.
  • Sean Williams is giving away free e-book copies of his fantasy novel, The Crooked Letter.
  • How to Write a Novel Synopsis in an Hour (Courtesy of Jason Fischer).

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  1. 07/03/2009 at 1:31 AM

    Oh, you'll get that pie-floater. And I doubt you'll be doing much sitting around, you novella-launching sonuvagun 🙂

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