Two Things

Just a short drive-by post to engage in some blatant acts of self promotion.

1) Emerging Writers Series on Radio National this Saturday

A few months ago I did a reading at Avid Reader that was recorded for ABC Radio National as part of their Emerging Writers series. Last week’s show played the recording of one of my co-readers, the inimitable Angela Slatter, reading from one of her up-coming stories and you can still download the recording from their webpage.

My reading, an excerpt from Horn, is scheduled for this Saturday’s broadcast of Books Plus, at about 9.15 PM.

To forestall the inevitable question: no, I did not read that excerpt from Horn. I read one of the other bits.

2) The Book of Apex: Volume 3 is Out Now

The third of Apex Magazine’s yearly collections, compiling all the material that appeared in Apex during Catherynne Valente’s editorial run on the magazine. It includes my story L’esprit de L’escalier, which is easily the story that I’ve been emailed about more often than anything else I’ve ever written, the emails usually starting with so where can I get a copy of your story, so it’s handy that the anthology is out now in both print and digital formats.

I’m three-for-three with the Books of Apex thus far. Three volumes released, and I’ve had a story in each, largely ’cause they kept saying yes when I submitted them stuff. Hopefully, one of these weeks, I’ll start writing short stories again so I can send them some new stuff.


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