Watch This: Wrestling Isn’t Wrestling

I watch a fair bit of pro-wrestling. Partially because I’m a fan and partially because it’s an extraordinarily complex sequential narrative with decades of continuity, and I like figuring out what I can learn from it as a writer.

If you’ve got twenty minutes to spare, Max Landis does a phenomenal job of explaining the appeal of wrestling – and why it’s narratives are so complex – by parodying two decades of the career of pro-wrestler HHH. I’m not the greatest fan of Landis – Chronicle bored the pants of me – but he gets this one thousand percent right. Wrestling fans should watch it for the parody elements. Non-wrestling fans should watch it ’cause it says something powerful about character, evolution, and story.

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  1. 27/03/2015 at 11:45 AM

    Very interesting Peter. I never realised that wrestling had more to it than two steroid jockeys pretend slamming each other. Thanks again for your teaching at Writing 101 at South Brissy – I got alot out of it. Jerome, the gentleman I accompanied did well seeing as he has Autism. Sorry if he interrupted any of your teaching during the course as social contracts sometimes are a mystery to him. Anyway I’ll keep coming reading / watching other items here on your site so cheers. Gavin.

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