Whispers: Tooth and Nail


On Saturday, May 11, 3:00 – 5:00 PM, I’ll be at QWC’s monthly Whispers reading event at the State Library of Queensland Cafe.

This isn’t exactly unusual – Whispers has been a regular part of my calendar since it started – but this time around I’ll be there in an official writer capacity where I get to do the reading thing. I’ll join a team of awesome writer-types that includes  Kim Wilkins (The Infernal, The Resurrectionists, The Year of Ancient Ghosts), Chris Somerville (We Are Not the Same Anymore), Laura Elvery and Samantha George-Allen.

Attendance is free, Kim Wilkins is awesome, and Chris’s short-story collection is proving to be a very enjoyable read. Plus, you know, there’s me, and you know I thrive on your adoration.

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