Working Nine to Five

I’m trying to get my brain into gear for a return to QWC today and my brain is not terribly interested in complying.

The last month has been remarkably pleasant, possibly the longest period I’ve had off work since I actually went out and got a job with a regular pay cheque, and I find myself slightly miffed at the thought of having to go deal with other writers problems instead of my own. It will wear off once I get there. Possibly after I clear out the terrifying amount of email that has backed up over my month-long absence.

Naturally, hitting the end of the holidays mean I’ve suddenly started doing all the things that I meant to at the beginning. Yearly budget. Yearly plan. Sudden bursts of writing productivity after weeks of letting things lie fallow while I binged on a bunch of Netflix shows. I’m not quite caught up with things, but I’m closer than I expected to be this time last week.

Off to write things now so I can justify being up this early.

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  1. 19/01/2016 at 7:07 AM

    Hopefully all the fallowing will lead to great new ideas. I hate work. It so interferes with a person’s writing time.

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