Writing Habits

There are two ways to look at my weekend.

First, there is the I wrote nothing approach, where I look at the zero in both my word count and time at keyboard columns and curse myself for my lack of forward momentum.

Second, there is the I wrote nothing on my current project approach, which takes into account the fact that I wrote about 2,500 words on things that are, essentially, for fun and never going to see the light of day (or have any real financial benefit to doing them). Acknowledging that writing happened, it just wasn’t directed at the place where it was useful ’cause the thing that is useful is hard.

Guess which of these options I go with as a default?

Fortunately, yesterday’s Sunday Circle got me to actually sit down and think about triggers as they relate to writing and the holidays, which may go a long way towards figuring out why I went down the rabbit hole of non-productive projects and how I can reign it in for the rest of my break.

That’s the good news.

The bad news is that it involves setting my alarm again. Getting up before 6:00 AM as I do most workdays and going through my morning routine as normal. That should, at least, get me my first hour of writing for the day, before the distractions arrive.

And so I’m off to write things, peeps. I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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