Yesterday I spent about seven hours doing my washing and watching romantic comedies while waiting for the spin cycle to end. Not the most well-planned of plans, but one grows used to the speed of laundromat washing machines (aka fast and basic) and both the pace and variable options available when using my sister’s machine took me by surprise. On the plus side I got to see a bunch of films I was mildly interested in when they first came out and feel relatively pleased that I hadn’t spent money on them at the time. More and more I’m starting to acknowledge that I’m just not a film person – I always seems to be hoping for more than a movie delivers.

Yesterday was also about getting the writing back on track. I revisited my big list of novels I wanted to write and re-ordered them a little, setting them up so I know what’s starting next. This has become my cheap trick to keep myself focused on Black Candy whenever I feel the urge to stop and start something new – the idea gets added to the list and built upon, but once something is in the top of the list it gets stuck with until it’s drafted. Works surprisingly well, given that I got writing done last night and this morning. With luck I’ll be back at full speed sometime in the near future.

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